Donald Sterling Describes Sex With V. Stiviano: "She Was an Animal" (AUDIO)

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1:57: "She was an animal, and to deal with her was even harder."

2:07: "I'm telling ya, she was hot. I took an hour to get there, but she was hot...." (I don't know where "there" is, but I'm sure if there's a hell, "there" is part of it.)

3:40: (on a possible existence of a sex tape) "She may have footage of me in a bed, but she doesn't have anything like that. no sex."

3:50: "The girls i sharp, and everybody in the world wants to f**k her, I'm telling you."

And finally, the third chapter of the Maserati Chronicles, which centers around what an abusive sister Stiviano is to her siblings, and what a gold digger she is:


2:27: "'If you talk to them people you'll get all this information she's just mean. She won't feed the girls - her sisters - they go to bed without dinner. Unbelievable. She's a monster, they call her "The Monster". She's just 30-years-old and she's the only one that's got money that she got from me - she never had it before. And she was gonna wheel barrow over everybody - everybody - she told people where to sleep, where to go what to do and to drive her."

3:15: "'She's sharp. She went down to Neiman Marcus with my credit cards to buy three or four pairs of shoes. She did it just before I cut off my cards."

At this point, I'm hoping that bars begin adding Donald Sterling audio to their jukeboxes, this stuff is that entertaining to me.

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