Now What Happens to All Those Anti-HERO Shirts?

Carlos Calbillo wanted to document it all.

The Houston native, with a button pinned to his shirt that read, "I need a HERO," got into the thick of the crowd of protestors to document it all. He took videos and photos with his cellphone. He said he was going to show them to the councilmen he said he is close to - Robert Gallegos, Dwight Boykins, Michael Kubosh and C.O. Bradford.

Film is nothing new to Calbillo. He said he was the first AV Director at Rice's Fondren Library. He remembers seeing Mayor Annise Parker when she was a student at Rice, pink hair and all, Calbillo said.

Calbillo said when the mayor was an undergrad, he talked with her about the theater classes she was taking.

With a sarcastic look of shock on his face, he said he would tell the protesters about the mayor's past.

"Can you imagine when they found out their mayor is a thespian?" Calbillo asked.

He recognized the irony in the similar spellings and sounds of thespian and lesbian. He didn't recognize the irony in his view points.

"I'm fixing to call immigration and have them all deported," he said of the protesters.

"This," Calbillo said as he gestured to the crowd, "is why I favor strong immigration."

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Do all of these people have green cards? Just askin'.


What church group is this? Those people came on the same bus. 

These people are misguided, but why is Carlos Calbillo being such a fucking racist?


"Our liberties get eroded little by little ..." Funny how people who are protesting equal rights are worried about their rights and not anyone else's.

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