Now What Happens to All Those Anti-HERO Shirts?

Photo by Aaron Reiss
From right: William Loyd, Nikki Araguz Loyd and Pete Pomonis. "Let's take it under (the) city hall (sign)," Nikki said.

The shirt seemed perfect to William Loyd.

William Loyd is the husband of Nikki Araguz Loyd, the transgender widow of a Wharton County firefighter who has fought for her deceased husband's benefits. He wore an American flag t-shirt to city hall Wednesday.

"I wore this yesterday and I decided I'd wear it again," Loyd said. "I felt like it fit."

What wasn't as clear to William Loyd as his clothing choice was the religion anti-HERO protesters used to back their argument.

"Give me one verse where Jesus said anything about homosexuality," William Loyd said. "Sure, there are some iffy sections in the Old Testament. I'll give them that."

Nikki Loyd said she didn't understand how people could protest against equal acceptance and call themselves Christians.

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Do all of these people have green cards? Just askin'.


What church group is this? Those people came on the same bus. 

These people are misguided, but why is Carlos Calbillo being such a fucking racist?


"Our liberties get eroded little by little ..." Funny how people who are protesting equal rights are worried about their rights and not anyone else's.

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