Now What Happens to All Those Anti-HERO Shirts?

Photo by Aaron Reiss

They said no. They screamed it.

Protesters yelled in front of city hall Wednesday, in opposition of legislation for a Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

"We say no," the protesters repeated.

A few women, serving as reverb, chanted "God says no."

ERO adorned their chests, thick red slashes cutting through acronym. The shirts sold for $5.

The cheap price wasn't enough to attract much of a market. Though most of the anti-HERO protesters wore the t-shirts - the number of people was closer to 50 than to 100 - there were three boxes filled with shirts.

And soon, the shirts would be of no use. City Council passed the HERO with a 11-6 vote.

Photo by Aaron Reiss

William Sutherland helped hold a sign above his "Come and Take It" cap.

The sign, black with white letters, read, "Mayor Parker! Stay out of our bathrooms and businesses!" Sutherland is worried that the HERO will infringe on others' rights.

He's scared he won't be able to express his conscience. That's what is most important to him. "Unless you're politically correct in a way, you don't have freedom of speech anymore?" Sutherland said.

Sutherland said where transgender people go to the bathroom is an important, but secondary issue. Sutherland called his views, and the views of the other anti-HERO protesters, politically incorrect, but he still wants to be able to have them.

"This is just a stepping stone," Sutherland said. "Laws - it's always an incremental kind of thing. Our liberties get eroded little by little ... What one day is deemed politically incorrect, the next day may be illegal.

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Do all of these people have green cards? Just askin'.


What church group is this? Those people came on the same bus. 

These people are misguided, but why is Carlos Calbillo being such a fucking racist?


"Our liberties get eroded little by little ..." Funny how people who are protesting equal rights are worried about their rights and not anyone else's.

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