Dan Patrick Isn't Alone; Here Are More Examples of Texas Political Mudslinging

Even Ann Richards threw (and ducked) her share of mud.
Political fights can get ugly, but the grappling over who will get the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor got particularly unsightly last Friday. Up until then, both the remaining candidates, State Sen. Dan Patrick and current Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, had done their best to embarrass and undermine each other, but it all got down into the real dirty fighting on Friday when Jerry Patterson, current land commissioner, former candidate and an ally of Dewhurst, released Patrick's medical records showing that Patrick was twice admitted to a mental hospital to be treated for depression back in the 1980s. It was a nasty bit of work in an increasingly ugly race, but this kind of below-the-belt political antics has a history in Texas. Here are five standout examples of down-and-dirty political fighting in the Lone Star State. It's worth noting that sometimes these things don't go as planned:


5. Jim Mattox and Ann Richards. The 1990 governor's race was a free-for-all after Gov. Bill Clements announced he wasn't running for another term. Ann Richards had shot to national prominence two years before with her address at the Democratic National Convention, but she didn't have the Democratic nomination sewn up. Nope, she had to duke it out with Attorney Gen. Jim Mattox and former Gov. Mark White. Mattox alleged that Richards was a coke-snorting recovering alcoholic who was likely to snap and become a coke-snorting boozy head of the Lone Star State if elected governor. Maybe Mattox thought he was locking up the Democratic nomination when his campaign started tossing around these narrow-minded and incredibly backward-thinking allegations, but it actually had the opposite effect. None of the three contenders won the nomination on the first round, but the mudslinging actually drove voters away during the runoff between Mattox and helped Richards win the nomination. She then went on to become the legendary Gov. Ann Richards, defeating Republican opponent Clayton Williams by a slim margin. So that plan kind of backfired a bit.

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Dennis D Shamblin
Dennis D Shamblin

Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia is a terrific book, which you can read free online. True book soon to become a motion picture.

Supremely Unjust
Supremely Unjust

I heard Michael Berry plans to interview TX Sen. Dan Patrick today on the 5pm show out of Houston. From what I understand, it seems both Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst know about a Houston employer sending perjurous testimony to a TX labor official about a former employee. The lies helped: documents on http://stillsupremelyunjust.yolasite.com/ show the case was shut down without any employer witnesses being questioned. Later, in a federal civil suit, the same employer gave perjurous testimony to get the case booted without a jury trial, despite the perjury being proven in all these things and other evidence, as well. So, the poor man is ruined. DON'T YOU THINK MICHAEL BERRY SHOULD ASK Dewhurst and Patrick what they are doing on this and why they have not taken action toward the arrest of the felony-committing party that gave perjurous testimony to State labor officials? Btw, the case involved a white man who claimded he was ordered to discriminate against blacks & men while hiring staff from among the students of Pariaire View A&M University (a traditionally black school). Emails showing him refusing to do so and entered into evidence in the court case, apparently, can be seen at http://supremelyunjust.weebly.com/email-evidence.html. This is some bad cr@p, people, and it needs to be investigated and proper questions asked.

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