Crooks Target Dollar Store and SWAT Team Comes Out

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Photo by FOX 26
SWAT had to set up after a reported robbery on Monday.
A SWAT team answered a call to a Family Dollar store last night, according to authorities. A pair of masked robbers mugged a patron and tried to knock over the store. Reports say two workers in the store hit a panic button and fled to the rear of the place.

The alleged robbers fired inside, but no one was hurt.

What is it with Family Dollar store robberies? A brief Google search shows the stores are quite the target in other states. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to track down any Family Dollar store specific robbery totals for Houston.

There's no telling if thieves are just savvy to the dollar store boom of the Great Recession. And last time we stepped into a Family Dollar we noticed they had a good amount of items for more than a dollar. What's up with that?

The suspects in this case, (they escaped, by the way) were probably staking out the location. As KRIV reports they struck at the right time, when the employees were tired of selling items between $1 and $7.99, and were ready to call it quits.

Around 9:44 pm the manager of the Family Dollar, at 13711 Kuykendahl near Interstate 45, was attempting to lock the front doors when she was bull rushed by two male armed suspects.

Still, we actually saw a Family Dollar just outside Pasadena get robbed once, about four months ago, so the image of these places getting knocked over just stuck.

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johnnybench topcommenter

"What is it with Family Dollar store robberies?"

Location, location, location.

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