2013 Statistics Show the High-Crime Neighborhoods of Houston

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Photo by Casey Kelley
This is part of our stereotype of criminals.
When there's more people, there's more crime. Seems like the way bureaucrats like to explain away these problems without talking about measures that could increase taxes, nothing about investment in communities, increasing police presence or other possible solutions for areas on the brink.

With 2014 nearly half over, the numbers from Houston's 2013 crime totals are painting a much clearer picture of the places you might want to "protect ya' neck" (in the words of Wu-Tang Clan). A recent news report analyzed the Houston Police Department's data and came up with a short list of places where burglaries, robberies and assaults are most likely to occur.

None of this is shocking, by the way; what is troublesome is the reaction one city councilman gives to a local news station reporting on the fact that Sharpstown logged the most burglaries last year: 502 (along with 252 stolen automobiles and 256 robberies).


"Sharpstown, Southwest Houston, is no more crime-ridden than other parts of the city," Mike Laster told Channel 2; his reasoning was based on data showing that the area has more people, 9,000 per square mile. More people, more homes to burglarize.

In less densely populated areas, such as the Third Ward and in the Fifth Ward, or Kashmere, aggravated assaults were reportedly just as high as ever. The Third Ward had more than 150 aggravated assaults last year, according to the Houston Police Department data cited in the report.

Other neighborhoods that made the high-crime list include the following:

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Elmo Marsene Johnson
Elmo Marsene Johnson

Pretty much any area in Houston, which isn't in the west/inner loop area and downtown..is High Crime.

Amy Holloway
Amy Holloway

We checked crime statistics before we purchased a home in sharpstown. We were previously living in montrose. It seemed like the crime was worse in montrose. Our neighbours here in sharpstown who have lived here for 30+ years say they've never had any problems.

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