Are These App Services Launched in Houston Worth the Money?

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Houston is a market a lot of new technology services want to test out.
By living in a major city, we get the pleasure of trying out new things. Sometimes they are untested products or services that are riding the line of legality with the city and government, but no matter, as long as there's a benefit to us for trying them out.

Technologically speaking, we're good with any service we can try out using our smart phones (there's no better way to share your movements with the NSA). In terms of entertainment and transportation, Houston is among cities benefiting from a boom in app-based products that are challenging the standard way of doing business, from broadcast television to taxi cabs. So we tried a small sample of these services to see if they were worth the money, and in some cases the hype.

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The Supreme Court is expected to decide soon on whether Aereo should be doing what it's doing. Broadcasters really hate this service, which for less than $8 puts the power of digital broadcast television into the palm of your hand (or on your laptop). Houston is one of only ten markets in the country to get this service. Sure, you can get a lot of TV on Hulu or through television station apps, but for $4 extra, you get 60 hours of storage. So that's a DVR for $12 a month that can record all your favorite prime-time shows (or those old Twilight Zone episodes that come on really late.)
This service is worth it for TV aficionados. Not so much for dedicated cable-television heads.

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Rebecca Ellen
Rebecca Ellen

I love Aereo! I don't have a fancy phone like that but I use it on my computer.


You got a free ride and you're unhappy that the app encouraged you to tip.  Wow...You know you could have used that same free ride to take you from your office to the airport, luggage and all.  I'm sure you would be just as unhappy when the app asked you at the end of that FREE ride if you wanted to tip then too.  Yep, a free app that's currently offering free rides is definitely not worth it, not when they ask you after your free ride if you want to tip.  How dare they.


I have used both Uber and Lyft and think they're both great.  Although I have to say I would never use them to go two blocks, I would walk.  We're all entitled to our opinions, but really?  You wrote "This service is not worth it.  But it would be better if it was just free all the time."  Do you think there should be drivers waiting at your beck and call to take you two blocks, and they should do it for free all the time?  Do you have any idea how businesses work?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@rich5371 It only "wasn't worth it" because the numbskull asked to get taken 2 blocks.  Who the hell does that?

Camilo, if you're going to write about this stuff, do a MUCH better job.  Find out how much it would have been over several distances; not 2 blocks.  That's just bad researching.


@FattyFatBastard @rich5371  Thanks for the comments. If I remember, $5 is the base fare. Since I never tried the service before, I just wanted to get a feel for placing a call through the app and getting picked up and dropped off. This was just a quick take, fellas

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