Aaron Hernandez Indicted for 2012 Double Homicide in Boston

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Screengrab from Facebook.com/AaronHernandez81
Aaron Hernandez gets more bodies added to his murder resume.
Pretty soon, they're going to need a ticker in Times Square to keep track of the Aaron Hernandez-related body count.

The murder of Odin Lloyd last summer, for which Hernandez was subsequently and swiftly indicted, opened the door to a bloody Pandora's box that has shown no signs of slowing down. On the heels of that indictment, numerous inner-circle Hernandez associates met their demise, each in a more bizarre fashion than the next.

If it wasn't a "random" car accident, it was just a strange "sudden death." Some managed to escape; others haven't been so fortunate.

And now, the body count is piling up retroactive to 2012, as this morning Aaron Hernandez was finally indicted on a double homicide that has been open since the summer of 2012.

The victims of the July 2012 killings were named Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Both were shot to death as they sat in a car in Boston's South End on July 16, 2012. Reportedly, they were murdered by someone who drove up alongside them in an SUV with Rhode Island license plates and opened fire.

Hernandez was connected to the incident, at first, via surveillance footage video showing the former New England Patriot in the same nightclub as the victims the night of the attack, according to authorities.

In an affidavit filed last year, Boston police wrote that they had probable cause to believe that Hernandez was driving a vehicle used in the 2012 double shooting and that he "may have been the shooter." The SUV involved in the shooting was the target of a search by police, a search that eventually led to the discovery of the vehicle at Hernandez's uncle's home in Bristol, Connecticut.

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