The Eight Best Things You Can Find in a Houston Pawn Shop

1. Jewelry
Photo by Jeffrey Beall from Flickr
Diamonds, Baby.

Almost every pawn shop we talked to said they sold jewelry. According to Wright, how nice that jewelry is depends on the neighborhood.

"I melt ten-carat gold," he said.

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I have always found pawn shops to be fascinating. They have a lot of unique and rare things in them, regardless of the city they are located in. I always like to go in just to see what kind of antiques or novelties I can find. Pawn shops are making a comeback these days, and I think it's pretty darn cool.


I had to take a look at the list when it started with dentures.  I have been wanting to find a some of the older game consuls that still work so I can play some of the older games I have laying around.  When I saw that pawn shops carry these kind of items regularly it got me thinking that I should go and check out my local pawn shop.


You can't throw a rock without hitting a pawnshop down here in Atlanta.

Pawnshops helped me build my tool collection for maintaining my first home i ever bought in Snellville, Ga.

The Dark side of pawnshops however is one that can't be ignored since we are in the insurance businesses. Many claims are made for tools that are stolen from work trucks that end up in a pawn shop the same afternoon.

While pawn shops do serve a purpose for many people in need, the question is how do you ensure the items are not stolen?

Your thoughts?

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