Ten Things That Could Go Wrong With Brazil's World Cup

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Photo by Stefan Krasowski from Flickr
Brazil is pretty, but pretty doesn't make up for everything.

Oh, Brazil. Beautiful Brazil. Poor-at-planning Brazil. The World Cup kicks off in less than three weeks, and there are tons of problems, with more potentially on the way.

We decided to take a look at 10 things that could go wrong, and are going wrong, with the 2014 World Cup.

Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group
Yes, Portuguese and Spanish are different languages, and yes, Brazilians speak Portuguese.

10.) The theme song sucks.
The official World Cup song features two American Latinos, Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, and one Brazilian, Claudia Leite. In the song, Pitbull raps in Spanish, not Portuguese. Oy.

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Jim Porter
Jim Porter

Can I be honest with you? And I'm coming from a place of love here, because the Houston Press has been very dear to my heart for 20-some-odd years now. These "Ten Things" lists, where you click the link and discover that you are expected to click ten more links? Those are irritating as fuck. I appreciate the need to maximize clicks from an advertising perspective, but I just wanted to let you know that while I would happily give you two or three clicks for a 10-item list like this, when I see it's going to be 10 pages for 10 sentences, I am closing my browser faster than if you were a porn site and the Pope just walked in.


Typical American Anti-World Cup propaganda.... the WC hasn't started and you already have a list of 10 things you expect to go wrong



Typical provincial defensiveness...the WC hasn't started, the warning signs of disaster are known around the world, this is a non-prejudiced listing of public news, yet you manage to blame America. 

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