Ten Bathroom Ordinances We Actually Need

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Why not regulate bathroom use for everyone?
The discussion over bathrooms and who gets to use which one, the men's room or the women's room, has overtaken the debate about Houston implementing a proposed non-discrimination ordinance. Last we reported, the city council was set to review changes made to a segment of the ordinance that would give greater rights to transgender people using public restroom facilities.

We discussed the issue here and decided that there were more important ordinances related to bathroom use that ought to be considered. Here are ten of them.

Photo by Bosc d'Anjou

10) Excessive bathroom chatter should be banned

Public bathrooms are the kind of public spaces that shouldn't be open to meeting and gathering, or secret conversations. Do your business, handle your grooming and get to stepping.

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Stop peeing on the seat! I'm looking at you frat/squeamish moron. If nothing more I can at least lift the seat myself to piss. As for selfies Press... where in god's name to you go for drinks??!!


There needs to be an ordinance against bathroom attendants.


And what's the deal with airplane food? I mean hey.

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