What to Do This Weekend: Easter Edition

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Photo by Jeff Balke
The wrong weekend to go to the beach for people and Peeps.
It's weekend eve again everybody and time to put on your party shoes...for this weekend, they should be dress shoes with a hint of pastel because it's Easter. For those religious sorts, this means prayer and contemplation of the death and resurrection of Jesus -- pretty much like every Sunday. For the rest of the heathens, it's a time to eat deviled eggs and hope the mayonnaise hasn't turned.

For many of you, this will be a three-day weekend. Good Friday, as it were, can be great if you get to laze about on a work day. So, you'll probably want to know what the weather is like and what kind of Easter activities that might afford you. You're in luck, Peter Cottontail, because I've got some answers.

Do some gardening.

With mild temperatures in the 80s and lows in the mid 60s with a mix of clouds and sun all weekend, this would be a good time to drop a few lilies in your valley, if you know what I mean. What? I'm suggesting you plant some lovely annuals to liven up your garden! Mulching might also be on your list or possibly fertilizing that nasty, brown-patched lawn you've let go. This is not just because of the weather, but because we are likely to get some rain on Monday and Tuesday, providing some natural watering for your efforts.

Hit the farmer's market.

If you have a family get together on Sunday (after church, natch), consider hitting one of the city's weekend farmer's markets (or the big daddy on Airline that is open every day) to pick up some fresh produce or, better yet, some yard eggs to boil and paint for the kiddos. You can also use some of your finds for your Easter meal. If you have a relative coming you don't particularly like, consider making him something you know he dislikes because Easter is all about love spite.

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