Was Racism Behind Recent Humble Shooting?

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Photo from Will Hart
Questions raised in shooting.
It might end up being another win for so-called stand-your-ground laws, but it looks like a community is up in arms after a homeowner in Humble shot a man this week, putting him in intensive care.

Shouting out claims of racism is New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X, who has taken up the cause of the man who lies in Memorial Hermann hospital with several bullet wounds.

A press conference was planned for this afternoon outside of the home on Fox Star Lane where the shooting took place. The family of Edwin Reynoso-Acevedo, 22, wants attempted murder charges brought against Shannon Pool, the guy who said he was just defending his property when he shot at two men he said threatened to kill him. No one has been arrested or charged.

But Quanell X is suggesting that maybe racism was involved.

"Why has law enforcement, along with some media outlets, chosen to ignore, at the shooting scene of the victim, that the suspect was walking around in his front yard without his shirt wearing "Nazi Swastika" tattoos on his chest?" he said in a statement.

In follow-up reports, Pool seems sorry about the event and said he was just protecting his soil when he fired those shots.

We'll have to wait and see if this is just a matter of stand-your-ground rights being exercised or if the racism card really needed to be pulled.

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Quanell X is the leader of a racist group that all about black people. He does not speak unless he can stir racism. He is a roach scum piece of garbage and wants to call someone a racist that protects his family and house because he has a natzi symbol on his chest. He must not bother anyone or be that much of a racist if he lives in a neighborhood that is 97% black. X you need to stop with the racism you preach and until you do nobody else will either. Your a scumbag.


Qball Fathead is whining again? I can't hardly believe it.

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