University of Houston-Downtown Will Soon Have Gender-Neutral Restrooms

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Lou Weaver supports the idea of gender-neutral restrooms on campus. He's a transgender male, and he can recall his unease with using public bathrooms at Houston Community College when he was a student there. One day after class, there was a situation with a student wearing a "Rebel" hat. After that, Weaver thought he could never use that restroom again. If he said something, he could out himself and be in a bad situation, like a friend of his who was attacked in the bathroom at HCC.

Weaver is an advocate and consultant for LGBTQ issues and feels better blending in with over 30,000 students at UH, which he how attends. He's also involved in bringing more awareness of the LGBTQ community to the University of Houston by speaking to students.

He was nervous for a long time and decided not to use that particular HCC facility after class. The smallness of HCC campus life once scared Weaver, but things have changed now that he's a senior at UH.

There are students on college campuses who feel they can't use the restroom in peace because of their sexual orientation or because they are transgender or gender-non-conforming students. Some students may not be ready to reveal their sexual orientation or their true identity.

In two weeks, the University of Houston-Downtown will open its first gender-neutral restroom. UHD is one of the first universities in Houston to take the initiative to make its campus life more comfortable for people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.

In its latest study, from 2011, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force stated that 26 percent of transgender respondents in all educational settings have experienced denial of access to restrooms. Another 35 percent experienced harassment and bullying from students, teachers and staff on higher-education campuses.

Many have been forced to go off campus or not use the restrooms at all -- all this to avoid the puzzled looks and comments from those who may not understand. The bathroom segregation they are facing has opened the eyes of universities like UHD to do something about this issue.

Photo by Haydee Clotter
New stickers that will be on all gender-neutral restrooms.

Dr. John Hudson, director of the Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at UHD, said it wasn't until 2012, when UHD president William V. Flores formed the Diversity and Equity Advisory Council, that they realized they weren't meeting the needs of transgender students. So they came up with recommendations for the administration, and the idea of gender-neutral restrooms was introduced. This would make UHD more inclusive, and the school would meet the needs of other students as well.

"I think this is a natural progression of campus life here at UHD, considering how diverse we are, and I hope it can serve as a model for other universities," said Hudson. "We are very proud of that, so this is a natural growth."

The first gender-neutral restroom on UHD is located near the advising center in the main building. The restrooms are not difficult to add, so plans are already set for more restrooms to open in the Commerce and Shea Street building.

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Gwen Hurt
Gwen Hurt

A flush is a flush. Doors have locks. Too much is being made out of this

Steven Perry
Steven Perry

I think the comments surrounding gender-neutral bathrooms on local news outlets' sites are more interesting than the issue itself. You'd think it was the goddamned apocalypse...

CT Tracy
CT Tracy

The very strange vagrants who frequent the UHD bathrooms need to be acknowledged. The crime that does occur on campus is partly because of the many nonstudent visitors who frequent the facilities. I have seen bums rolling blunts in our bathrooms. That issue is much more important than sharing restrooms.

Trillian Ninetysix
Trillian Ninetysix

There are gender neutral bathrooms in Europe. It's not a big deal. I reflected upon my remark and felt it might be misinterpreted. It wasn't my intention to be insensitive. I only meant that there is no need for outrage or shock. I'm sure it is a very important development for anyone who must regularly navigate a binary gender system that does not accommodate their needs.

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