Rice Baseball Trends Down, But UH Flies High

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UH on the come up.
Sunday morning starts with a chill. The air's heavy with fog and mist. There's not much of a crowd at Reckling Park, but none of this is stopping the Rice Owls and East Carolina Pirates from playing baseball. The Owls are up 1-0 in the bottom of the fifth inning when the skies open, stopping play for just over an hour.

By the end of the day, the Owls have lost 2-1, dropping its sixth game out of the last nine to go 22-12 for the season. The country's 12th ranked team is in a slump, not hitting, not executing defensively. The team's beset by injuries, losing shortstop Leon Byrd to an ankle injury last week against Texas, and losing starter Zech Lemond to an as-of-yet unspecified injury on Friday night.

The Owls being in free-fall is strange. It was just several weeks ago the team had won 12 of 13 games and were soaring up the national ranks. But it was at that time the Owls lost 6-2 to the Houston Cougars that things started to fall apart for Rice. The Cougars meanwhile have continued to climb, winning games left and right, passing Rice in the rankings (UH is now ranked 10th), shaking off the better part of a decade where that team could do little right.

Rice baseball isn't exactly soaring right now
The Cougars are 25-6 for the season and have gone 16-4 since the Houston College Classic at the beginning of March. The Cougars resemble Rice in many ways, relying on outstanding pitching, strong defense, and smart base running. Both teams play tough schedules -- the Cougars have the third best RPI in the country, while Rice's is 15th. But while Rice lost two of three to conference foe ECU this weekend, the Cougars took two of three from conference foe Rutgers this weekend.

"We're not executing well in the field or at the bat," Rice's Wayne Graham said after last Tuesday's loss to Texas. "Obviously we're going to have to get that straightened out or we're in trouble."

And while the Owls play in the field didn't seem bothersome this weekend, the team's inability to execute with the bat -- a problem with which the Owls have seemingly been dealing for years -- haunted the team time and time again. The Owls offense is dependent on first baseman Skyler Ewing for power and RBI and DH/catcher John Clay Reeves for RBI and getting on base. But there's nobody else that Graham can depend on to deliver on a consistent basis, which puts more and more stress on a pitching staff stretched thin to be perfect.

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I hope fans will turn out in greater numbers for the Cougars. And I hope Rice gets back to its winning ways.

WestSideBob topcommenter

Getting tougher to sit in Reckling and watch the current version of the Owls.  Rice has accustomed its fans to top notch baseball over the last c 20 years.  This year will not be a vintage one.

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