Johnny Manziel Hanging Out With Marshall Henderson in Dallas (Uh-Oh!)

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So when it turns out that Johnny Manziel was taking some relaxation time at the Final Four this past weekend in Dallas, that's not a big deal. When a tweet pops up, though, with Manziel and Henderson (and how has someone not made a mask of "drunk Marshall Henderson Face" yet?) hanging out together socially, it becomes a slightly bigger deal:

This follow up tweet by Henderson was the Twitter dessert:

Hey look, I realize that the three seconds Manziel spent taking the first picture above may be the extent of his interaction with Henderson all weekend. In Manziel's defense, the look on his face in the picture seems to indicate "Oh shit, what am I doing here?" I also realize that Henderson's having a crumpled up boarding pass of Manziel's means that maybe Manziel passed out shitfaced on Henderson's floor at five in the morning.

Or maybe it was somewhere in between. We don't know. But NFL teams will ask, that's a lock. (And yes, I am beyond pissed right now that this happened after the Gruden QB Camp has aired, because Gruden asking Manziel about Henderson would be the best two minutes of television all year.)

Me, personally, I don't care either way. (Hell, Manziel's hanging out with Henderson almost makes me want the Texans to draft him more, if that's possible.) But that "somewhere in between," there are scouts being assigned the due diligence on finding that out today, I feel fairly certain.

Because if we learned anything from the movie Draft Day (and from DeSean Jackson, for that matter), NFL teams really, really care about who you roll with.

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Gawker did a long piece awhile back that shows Manziel's family tree has lots of rotten apples back in the day.


yet another shred of evidence that the kid is a punk. please don't draft this idiot


How long will it be before some overly hypothesizing/diligently researching scout starts interpreting the fingered gang signs? That ain't ASL. Is it just whitebread gangsta wanna-be, as with the snap-back and the drawers? Or is it something more?

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