Twitter Reacts to Donald Sterling's Racist Remarks by Going After Riley Cooper

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Photo by Matthew Straubmuller
Riley Cooper finding it hard to step out of the shadow of talking racist.
There are certain things that will stick with you, no matter what you do to try and repair your image in the aftermath.

For the last nine months, Philadelphia wide receiver Riley Cooper has been a model citizen and teammate. He's kept his mouth shut, worked hard, and even went and turned himself into a capable NFL wide receiver. A rich one, too, inking a five year, $25 million extension this off-season.

Still, to many, Cooper is, was, and always will be the pony tailed, flannel shirt wearing red neck who said that he would "fight every [n-word] in here" at a Kenny Chesney concert. Such is life when racism is exposed.

It's part of the unwritten part of the punishment -- a fine, some anger management counseling, and a lifetime of Twitter ridicule anytime race becomes a front burner topic.

So when Clippers' owner Donald Sterling's 15 minute diatribe about his disdain for black people patronizing his NBA basketball team becomes public, the social media realm wants to get Riley Cooper involved, by any means necessary.

So with that in mind, here are Twitter's Greatest Hits, the volume where Riley Cooper gets crop-dusted by the stench of Donald Sterling's discriminatory Gettysburg Address:

Some people went all passive aggressive, disguising their jabs as actual questions looking for Cooper's thoughts...

Others were a little less subtle, basically reporting that Riley Cooper wanted to switch sports and play for Sterling...

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