This Team MMA Fight Better Be the Wave of UFC's Future (VIDEO)

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Looks like a gang fight, but it's Euro MMA.
Competition for attention on the American sports landscape is fierce. The first tier sports like football, basketball, and baseball dominate with their billion dollar television deals and prime placement on Sportscenter.

It's not easy being on the second tier.

Yeah, soccer, golf, and a few others get their occasional day in the sun, but those are sparse. It's up to them to continually innovate and take their game up a notch to compete.

Which brings us to our good friends in MMA.

UFC, the most prominent brand in the MMA world, has experienced massive growth over the last decade or so. Their major events are staples on pay-per-view, they finally got a contract to run events on network television a couple years ago, and they run nearly 50 live events around the world during a calendar year.

Bottom line, UFC and MMA in general are pretty healthy right now.

But resting on their laurels is not an option. Any avenue to keep the sport fresh should be explored, and to that end, I am hoping that someone has forwarded the video below to UFC president Dana White.

Because if someone could guarantee me a five-on-five TEAM MMA bout on every UFC card, I'd be forking out the fifty bucks like a drunk sales guy at the Spearmint Rhino. Yes, you heard me right.

TEAM MMA. It's LPH of Poland against the Wisemen of Sweden. Let's take a look...

There's almost too much going on here to Zapruder second-by-second, so I'll just give you a few of my observations:

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chris luder
chris luder

That's a pretty terrible idea for a sport that is still trying to gain mainstream legitimacy. Sets back MMA if it becomes popular.

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