Houston Nursing Home Beef Turns Deadly

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Guillermo Correa
Two nursing home residents are dead after police say a third man who was using a wheelchair allegedly beat them to death with an armrest.

According to family of Antonio Acosta, 77, he feared for his life, reports the Associated Press. Acosta and Primitivo Lopez, 51, both died from head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene police said.

Guillermo Correa, 56, faces capital murder charges in the incident which took place Tuesday night, Houston Police say.

Police reports say that the men, who were residents of the Lexington Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 1737 North Loop West, got into an altercation before the attack.

Nursing home employees told police that Correa didn't get along with his roommates. According to one news report a fourth person was asleep during the altercation, but was later questioned by police.

Acosta's daughter Irma Chavez told the Associated Press that she reported her dad feared Correa, but nursing home staff didn't offer any help. "They said in order for people to move that person, he has to commit a crime or something," she said.

Details on what led to the altercation aren't known.

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So the nursing home officials waited for a crime to actually be commited before they would move the patient?  Well they don't have to do it now do they?  This is a very sad and tragic occurrence, my heart breaks for the families of the deceased.

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