Texas Cop Tripping High School Kids Is Kind of a Jerk (VIDEO)

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Photo from msn.foxsports.com
Gives another meaning to the word "trippy."
At a young age, we are taught in elementary school that the police are our friends.

When our impressions of good and evil are in their formative stages, around kindergarten, we are shown pictures of firemen, doctors and police officers (also Johnny Bench) and taught "GOOD." We are shown pictures of robbers, thugs and bullies (also David Schwimmer) and taught "BAD."

As we grow and evolve, hopefully our experiences with law enforcement are decidedly positive, and we see them still as dutiful and brave first responders, and rarely see them as overbearing authority figures.

And hopefully we never see them as dirty players, as rule breakers.

Sadly, the young folks in Georgetown, Texas, have now had their childhood impressions of the police, at the very least, tainted by one rogue policeman-disguised-as-security.

Yeah, I'm looking right at you, George Bermudez.

Who? Okay, fair question.

In short, Bermudez is a Georgetown police officer who was hired to run security at a girls' state championship soccer game (because soccer and riots and what not, I guess). Apparently worried that 15-year-old girls and scrawny high school boys were going to wreck shop on innocent civilians, Bermudez began to take down some of the celebrators with a variety of dirty playground moves, like tripping, nudging and face palming.

Just do me a favor and watch this news report of this girls' high school state championship soccer game, then we can break this whole thing down. In particular, begin watching around the 0:05 mark for Bermudez and his heelish tactics...

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H Newcomb
H Newcomb

Just another example of the proud Texas tradition of sacredness of the playing field, like when the cadet at A&M drew his sword to keep the opposing team cheerleaders off Kyle Field's gridiron.

Mike Cortez
Mike Cortez

Yall are a little late on this story


The media cracks me up. Kind of a jerk? He should be fired. Police in this country are out of control. This guy should be done as a police officer.

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