These Woman Just Can't Stop (Allegedly) Giving Illegal Butt Jobs

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Camille Urgiles
Argiform, a soft-tissue filler material also called polyacrylamide hydrogel, isn't the classiest thing to use to stay looking young and supple, but it does appear to be the favorite product of back-alley beauty clinics.

Maria Lorena Teran and her daughter Camille Urgiles have been charged multiple times for allegedly administering this drug, court records show. The product is well known for enhancing T&A on desperate men and women. Urgiles and Teran were picked up two weeks ago by police for practicing medicine without a license and for delivering a dangerous drug in Houston.

Court records show Teran's arrests going back to 2011, for administering amoxicillin without a license.


According to an article in the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery injections from the compound that Argiform comes from can cause problems including lumps, pain, infections, and disfigurement. It's considered a dangerous drug here, but it's approved for use in Russia and China.

The mom and daughter, plus one other sibling, had been out on bail on similar charges of practicing unlicensed medical work.

This kind of thing in Houston isn't new, and it's practiced all over the country. The website trades in these stories of beauty treatments and injections. One particular post on the website forums addresses getting silicone injections in Houston in 2010, and calling it a waste of $1,500.

As you read the comments, over 320, with the most recent being in late January, it seems like people often know what they're getting in to and actively seek these blackmarket injections with the passion of a drug addict. But there are also pleas for help over botched procedures.

Said one forum poster, who goes into detail, in August 2011:

"I also got injected argiform here in houston maybe by same lady the spa's name La Femme. Ive had it for 4 or 5 yrs she told me it was easy to remove and was not dangerous i decided to get it cuz she injected her two daughters and herself. At first my buttocks looked nice but as months passed i developed granulomas, my back is starting to hurt very much. I wish I had never done this. Went back to her so she could remove it and of course she lied. She hasn't been able to. I asked her if it was silicone but she denies it. I google argiform filler and cant find any info on that ... I would really like to know what the hell shes injecting anyone out there trying to get some injections DO NOT DO IT it will haunt u "

Another forum poster from 2011:

I'm in Houston and my wife is having a very bad reaction to the Argiform that was injected into her buttocks. I've read of other doctors being able to remove the chemical but I can't find any. Can you help?

While it's hard to say how accurate these claims are, what's easliy noticeable if you read the forum post are all the thirsty people looking to connect with the woman giving illegal silicone shots. People looking to cut corners will continue to fuel this black market, but at least in Houston, they've possibly got one less option.

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I think this guy is full of it. In more ways than one. LOL  He sounded young and looked fit.  Go workout stupid. For over $3,000 you can schedule a lot of training sessions.  SET-UP! - First injection - I hurt - I'm damaged  - and his first thought is I'll call the Houston Police Dept.   Who Paid for THE - SET-UP?  We the public are not as stupid as you think we are!!!!

I smell MAJOR HARASSMENT!  At the end of the article after speaking of DEATH-but(t) oh "not these woman"  "that" happened in PA; then reporter during the LAST SOUND BITE states that "these women's" attorney stated that the clinic does have a medical director and is operating legally.

I work for a doctor and the scuttlebut(t) is:  "These woman" made an enemy of a powerful doctor that "they" were taking business from in the Highway 6 area.  Whoever he is, he has connections in the Houston Police Dept. and the harassment "Was On".  

Where "these women's" spa is located is not even in the Houston City limits. Why else would the Houston Police stick their noses into Harris County Sheriff turf and why would Harris County Sheriff allow them to do so? 

The sad thing is this, doctor's temper tantrum is negatively effecting "these women's" lives and livelihood.  And why?  Could "These women" be better than the all powerful doctor, who wants to charge whatever he can to prey on working women that just want to look as good as they can TO STAY IN THE WORKFORCE?  This is not all vanity, you have to look young to be a viable competition to many employers. Houston is a youthful city. 



I feel bad for the guy BUT come on now.  One would think before spending that sort of money on a beauty treatment he would have done his research on the drug they were using and the people that are doing the procedure.  

Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez

According to the suspect's photo, it looks as though she may have self-injected her ears as well.

Kristen Schoettler
Kristen Schoettler

Ha! I remember them! I'm not going to lie, butts are nice! They clearly couldn't get enough!

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