The Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ever (And He Actually Wins!)

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Photo by Todd Carr
"Wheel of Fortune" has its share of idiots.
I think there's a spectrum of intelligence on which most board games fall, with games like Candy Land at one end and games like, say, chess at the other end. Games such as Scrabble and Monopoly fall somewhere in between, probably somewhere to the "chess" side of center.

Television game shows fall onto a similar grade, with pretty much all of them bunched down at the "mindless" end (for the sake of needing an endpoint, we will plunk Joker's Wild down there), and Jeopardy! all the way at the other end.

Wheel of Fortune, to be fair, probably falls somewhere in the middle, and above the gaggle of games for the braindead (games that, to be clear, I love). You do need at least some working knowledge of the English language to win at Wheel.

Or do you?

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post on a Wheel contestant who won the bonus round on a near psychic get of "NEW BABY BUGGY" with just the N and the E given to him. It was incredible, someone getting a Wheel puzzle with so few clues.

Well, this past week we got proof that the opposite can actually happen as well. And when I say "the opposite," I am talking polar freaking opposite. Like, has-every-letter-on-the-board-and-still-mispronounces-a-word opposite.

Meet Julian.

He is a student repping Indiana University during what appears to be some sort of college week on Wheel of Fortune. He's been pitted against a young lady by the name of Shelby from Texas A&M and a cute Southern lass by the name of Laura from Alabama.

A few things you will notice about Julian before we get to the full footage:

1. He likes to scream his letter choices. Apparently, Julian is either deaf or thinks we are all deaf. If it's the former, I feel bad for pointing this out. If it's the latter, I feel great about pointing it out, as well as this...

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