Definitive Video Anthology of the Ultimate Warrior, 1959-2014

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Warrior entered WWE in late 1987, after a stint in World Class Championship Wrestling as the Dingo Warrior and several stops throughout the south, including a period where he was in a tag team called the Blade Runners with the performer (Steve Borden) who would eventually become known as Sting.

WWE immediately (and wisely) replaced "Dingo" with "Ultimate" and after several months of Warrior squashing jabroni after jabroni, his big break came at SummerSlam 1988, when he was announced as the surprise opponent for Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man, replacing the "injured" Brutus Beefcake.

To younger fans who are like "Big deal, the Intercontinental Title, didn't Santino win that one time?", just know that there was actually a time where that title meant something, and at the time that Warrior won it, Honky Tonk Man was working on the longest reign in the history of the Intercontinental Title, over 15 months.

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He was in the words of the business, "a worker, not a talker."  RIP.

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