Rockets' "Meaningless" Finale Wasn't Meaningless for Gamblers

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And that sick offensive game is kind of a metaphor for the basketball Pelicans, who are a pretty stout bunch offensively (Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Jrue Holiday, Ryan Anderson), but, aside from Anthony Davis, play no real defense. In other words, this team can go around eating all the pigeons it wants, but as soon as they come up against creatures who can punch back (and their division is full of them), then they're really just fat, feathered bullies who can't fly or defend themselves.

YES, your Houston Rockets! When you look at taking "OVER" on teams that are forecast in that 55-win-and-above range, the first thing I look for is effort, and I think these Rockets will give great effort virtually every night out. Second, I love the edge defensively that having Dwight Howard and Omer Asik on the roster gives them (at least until they flip Asik for a stretch four). This team has the ability to trot out a top five defensive center every minute of the game. That's huge. This team should also be a delight to watch offensively in the pick and roll. Basically, the Rockets are like a pelican but with sharp claws, cheetah-like speed and a jet pack strapped to its back.

So I went 3-2 on those picks, and on the two I lost, one went down to the very last day (Rockets) and the other one made a really good run at it, including a 26 game losing streak to get us back into the mix! Hey, those two losses were exciting at least, right?...Right?

Ok, for what it's worth, here were my remaining picks from before the season, and I bolded the ones I got correct:

Atlanta Hawks OVER 40 Boston Celtics UNDER 28 Brooklyn Nets UNDER 53 Charlotte Bobcats OVER 27 Chicago Bulls UNDER 57.5 Cleveland Cavaliers UNDER 39.5 Dallas Mavericks OVER 44.5 Detroit Pistons UNDER 40.5 Golden State Warriors OVER 51.5 Indiana Pacers OVER 55 Los Angeles Clippers UNDER 56.5 Los Angeles Lakers OVER 34.5 Memphis Grizzlies UNDER 51 Miami Heat OVER 60.5 Milwaukee Bucks UNDER 29.5 Minnesota Timberwolves UNDER 41.5 New York Knicks UNDER 49 Oklahoma City Thunder OVER 55.5 Orlando Magic OVER 23.0 Phoenix Suns UNDER 19.5 Portland Trailblazers OVER 39 Sacramento Kings UNDER 32 San Antonio Spurs OVER 55.5 Toronto Raptors OVER 37.5 Utah Jazz OVER 25

So 21-7-2 overall. Moral of the story....God, I really suck at football wagering.

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