Houston Texans' Tough Choice: Number One Draft Pick Is a Blessing and a Curse

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Even a solid career from Johnny Football would probably appease Texans fans.
You wouldn't think a team would consider having the number one pick in the draft an unenviable position, but the Texans may indeed find themselves in that very spot come May. Much like the last time the Texans picked at the top of the NFL draft, there is no consensus sure thing. In 2006, it came down to a hometown boy, a dynamic offensive threat and a pass rushing stud. That year, the Texans passed on both Vince Young and Reggie Bush for Mario Williams. Turns out, it was the right call, but it was never a popular move.

Even though Young went on to fail as an NFL quarterback and Bush had some moderate success as a back, Williams was saddled with whipping boy status almost immediately and never fulfilled expectations.

Ironically, there are some similarities to this year's choices. There isn't a Bush-like third option, but there is a Texas hero in Johnny Maziel, a big time pass rusher in Jadeveon Clowney and a pair of other QB prospects for the Texans to consider. It leaves them with some difficult choices to make.

There are ways for the Texans to win. If one of the QBs not named Manziel is their choice and that person (Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles) turns into a star at the position, no one would complain. If Clowney is the second coming of JJ Watt, fans will accept it. Finally, if they take Manziel and he has even a moderately successful NFL career, many will be placated.

The problem is there are far more likely scenarios that will leave fans wanting and the team short of the promised land (i.e. a Super Bowl).

And there's another coincidental similarity to 2006. It is possible the Texans will pass on Manziel for Clowney and the Texas A&M quarterback will be taken with the third pick by division rival Jacksonville, much in the same way Young was selected by the Titans third when the Texans chose Williams.

There is no way of knowing who will turn out to be a bust and who will turn out to be a stud. Honestly, the 2006 draft was essentially a wash with none of the three top teams landing a superstar. But no one blames New Orleans for taking Bush or Tennessee for taking Young. The Texans, however, have gotten their share of heat for Williams despite him being the most successful of the trio.

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There are many holes in the Texans that might not be filled, so whoever gets drafted in the number one slot may not matter so much after all.  O'Brien has the misfortune to follow Gary Kubiak, so there will be an itch that a playoff to bust team will be seen as just in need of "tweaking" to be good again in the eyes of some fans.

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