Survey: Astros Have the Worst Fan Loyalty in Baseball

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Photos by Marco Torres
These might be the Opening Day-only fans. We hope not.
We're not Astros-bashing, but dead last? That's how Brand Keys, New York-based brand consultancy firm ranked the team's fan loyalty.

Of course, if consistency means anything, this is the Astro's second year in the dead-last spot, after falling from 23rd in 2012. No love here.

According to the company, fan loyalty is connected with broadcast viewership (we're dead in the water on that one), merchandise purchase and ticket revenues, things we know the Astros really do stink at nowadays. We can only hold onto 2005 for so long.

Another year waiting for the Astros to rebuild.
The survey looked at four things: the team's entertainment value, authenticity, fan bonding, and history and tradition.

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"Theses insights enable league and team management to identify areas, particularly emotional aspects, that need strategic brand coaching," the company president, Robert Passikoff, said in a statement this month.

Wow. That's a lot to take in and it might be a lot more complicated than any "coaching" program can tackle.

Here's who topped the list in 2014

1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Philadelphia Phillies
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Atlanta Braves
5. San Francisco Giants

Here's who they call the "basement" dwellers:

30. Houston Astros
29. New York Mets
28. Seattle Mariners
27. Arizona Diamondbacks
26. Colorado Rockies

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"We can only hold onto 2005 for so long" --- haha hilarious but true.  I am an Astros fan through and through.  Have been since I was old enough to walk so I'm used to the less than stellar stats.  Does it get old? Yes.  Frustrating? Of course Will I still support them? Hell yeah!  GO ASTROS!


I cannot stand the money grubbing owner and wouldn't step foot in the Juicebox if the tickets were free. The worst hot dogs in baseball.


I love my 'Stros, rain or shine!  Always have always will!


Yes, you are correct.  I wonder why there is such a difference between the Rangers & Astros.  The Rangers, despite their performance, still fill stands.  I don't know if this is related to the number of people who have moved to the Houston area or not.  Dallas has loyal fans!  One cannot discount the abysmal years beneath Drayton.  Hopefully, Nolan will help inspire the team.  Houston already has a great place to play as opposed to that open-air oven in Dallas. 


It's one thing to be a fan. It's another thing to be a sucker. I prefer to think that we just have standards.

RoosterMcGee topcommenter

the main problem is no one can watch them on TV!

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