Supervisors, Officers Disciplined in HPD Homicide Probe

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Chief calls out bad HPD homicide cops.
Four high-level homicide investigators and four officers have been disciplined after an extensive internal investigation of the Houston Police Department's homicide division.

The investigation found that 24 cases dating back to 2004 "were identified with deficiencies including not conducting proper follow-up, not entering documentation in a timely manner, insufficient documentation, or none at all," according to an HPD statement released Friday after HPD Chief Charles McClelland held a press conference announcing the results.

Some suspensions, some wrist-slaps.
"The majority of the deficiencies occurred between 2008 and 2012," according to the press release, which "determined the major problems identified were the direct result of the actions of one individual, Sergeant Ryan Chandler, and not pervasive throughout the division."

Twenty-one of the 24 cited cases were "connected" to Chandler, who was indefinitely suspended, according to the release.

Chandler "was less than forthright with his supervisors and fellow employees, failed to conduct proper follow-up in the manner in which he was trained and expected to perform, and appeared to have taken advantage of the trust placed in him as a supervisor in the Homicide Division," according to the statement. "Also, during the Internal Affairs investigation, Sgt. Chandler was untruthful."

Continue for video of the press conference announcing the findings in the HPD homicide investigation.

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People need to understand that real life police forces are NOT like what you see on television shows and movies.  Budgets are limited, and oversight is exchanged for overlooking.

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