Roddy Piper Turns 60: The Five Most Important Piper's Pits

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To launch the run toward the first Wrestlemania, Vince McMahon needed mainstream help. Certainly, he got that from Mr. T and his involvement in the main event, but really the road to Wrestlemania started the fall before that with Cyndi Lauper's involvement establishing the "Rock and Wrestling Connection" and giving the WWF a platform on MTV (Hogan versus Piper popped a huge number on their network). The angle with Cyndi Lauper started with this Piper's Pit....

Piper had taken a leave of absence in the summer of 1986, and while he was gone, the Saturday morning interview segment had been taken over by Adrian Adonis, whose character was now openly gay and loved flowers. Hence, The Flower Shop. Well, Piper returned (to thunderous applause, by the way -- the turn from villain to hero was well under way), expressed his disgust with Adonis (honestly, it was borderline gay bashing, but hey, 1986!) and took back his show. But not without getting the living shit kicked out of him by Adonis, Bob Orton, Don Muraco and Jimmy Hart...

This particular Pit launched a lot of stuff -- the next six months worth of angles between Piper and Adonis, which culminated at Wrestlemania 3 with Piper's retirement match, a match which was the launching point for Brutus Beefcake's face turn (go back and watch, too much to explain here), and a tag team partnership between Muraco and Orton. A LOT of shit going here.

ANDRE HEEL TURN, January 1987
Speaking of Wrestlemania 3, on any list of "Most Important WWE Matches of All Time," you can't get past the top five without having Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan in the Silverdome. That angle, too, was launched on Piper's Pit....

Happy Birthday, Hot Rod! The bagpipes toll for thee!

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It was striking how he changed after the apparent discontinuation of streroid use.


You are spot on with all five.

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