Pro Days Done, Clowney Makes Case for Number One Overall Pick

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Who's number one?
When it comes to the draft process in the NFL, and there are multiple prospects jockeying for any one position or status, it may not be about who has the last word necessarily, but from a Pro Day standpoint, it's definitely about who has the latest word.

The Texans, in theory (and probably in actuality), have four prospects that are viable candidates to be taken with the number one overall pick.

All four have performed (to varying degrees) at the NFL combine, and now, as of yesterday, all four have performed in Pro Days of some form on their college campuses. They are all officially in the books.

Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went first, and was average, at best. He missed on a few throws, and the perception now is that he has played himself to the back of the four man pack for the Texans to take him with the number one pick.

Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles went next a couple weeks ago, and (perhaps "smelling blood in the water" as some analysts have surmised) put on a solid, if not spectacular at times, show for the NFL folks gathered in attendance, which mainly consisted of some NFL media and reps from most of the NFL teams.

I only bring up who was at Bortles Pro Day because next came Johnny Manziel.

Manziel's Pro Day was a week ago today, and in addition to 75 NFL personnel/coach types, and dozens of media members, Manziel also had a former president and first lady and their dogs there. He also blared rap music from the sound system in the building and wore shoulder pads and a helmet. Oh, he was also spectacular. Vintage Johnny Football.

Finally, yesterday, the quartet was rounded out with South Carolina defensive end/super freak Jadeveon Clowney, as he participated in South Carolina's Pro Day.

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Since Bob McNair already voiced his support a while back, Clowney will be the Texans' number one pick.

RoosterMcGee topcommenter

Anyone that knows anything about Spurrier knows he never gets excited about anything.  He's favorite words are fine and neat.  Clowney has the same's called Southern.  And when I say "Southern" I mean the deep south, not Texas. 

Anyway, its pretty obvious Clowney is going number 1 to the Texans now. 

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