Plutocracy in Action: Rick Perry's Employment Agency and McCutcheon Simplified

Perry's still capitalizing on other people's dime. His political aspirations for the nation's highest office in 2012 were financed by the Texas taxpayer to the tune of $3.6 million. Our tab continues for his 2016 dreams with his travels to Davos, London and a succession of states within America.

But it was the "big one" that happened this week. The final insult to the people's rule came in this SCOTUS ruling in favor of McCutcheon. No amicus brief needed. It's ridiculously simple:

  1. The wealthiest citizens purchase legislation and the politicians who will dutifully enact it.
  2. Politicians suppress the vote
  3. Gerrymandering by the courts to dilute the power of voters even further
  4. The wealthiest citizens rule by oppression.

We are another cautionary tale in a series of stories about plutocracy, the evidence is visible in the misty landscapes of history: Carthage, Hannibal's occupation of Italy, and the merchant empires of Medieval Europe. Eventually, every plutocracy fades into obscurity because the oversight and management of so much money which demands even more control, gradually becomes too large to maintain, even for the richest of the wealthy elites.

For many, this travesty of justice marches merrily in the background, while the common constituency is lulled into a soporific slumber by sports and entertainment. But there are a few who work unobtrusively behind the scenes to quash the takeover by the elites.

The work of these groups reminds me of Madame Thérèse Defarge in Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. The Madame holds a poisonous hatred of the Evrémondes and she is constantly knitting, but thinking and plotting at the same time.

And she, too, speaks of earthquakes: "When the earthquake is ready, it takes place and destroys everything in its path. In the meantime, it is always growing, although no one sees or hears it. Take comfort in that."

Perhaps I'll take up knitting.

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I still think Perry's choice to leave Austin has something to do with the West Texas explosion.  If you recall the Challenger explosion and the revelation about the Morton Thaikald o-rings, then you might remember that the company was located in Utah, and uber space booster/Senator Jake Garn decided to leave the Senate.  Senator Don Nickles left the Senate and it was revealed later he was engaging in some funny business between two Native American casino reservations.  Things happen for a reason.

wcvemail topcommenter

Tellingly, Perry's cheerleader picture background has no books on the shelves. That's gonna be my new aphorism for stupid: "His library shelves don't have no books."

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