A Few People and Things You Can Blame for Rockets' Playoffs Struggles

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Photo by Brian Austin
More Rockets fans might be hiding behind masks right now.
It's a shame that this whole Donald Sterling mess is sullying what is the best first round of the playoffs in NBA history. It has certainly been the most competitive with multiple fascinating story lines and more than enough heart-stopping drama for fans in cities around the league. And while the NBA deals with an old billionaire bigot, we in Houston try to figure out what is ailing the Rockets.

Reactions on message boards and even commentary from marginally reputable blogs seem to run the gamut of blame from players to the coaching staff to the style of play. It is tempting to blow up one guy for his failings, and there is definitely room for sniping at certain players, but this is a team sport and the failings of the Rockets in this first-round series can be shared.

James Harden

Photo by Brian Austin

To say the performance of the alleged best player on the team in this series has been forgettable would be an understatement. I am loath to pile on Harden because he clearly means so much to the team, particularly on offense, but his shooting problems thanks mostly to my new most hated player in the league, Wesley Matthews, pale in comparison to the borderline negligent play on the defensive end of the floor. It's impossible to watch him let his man blow by him time after time after time without wondering if he is even making an effort. It could be excused last season when he was literally the only legitimate offensive weapon the team had. But with Dwight Howard and the continued development of Chandler Parsons and Terrence Jones, there is no reason Harden's defense should be so abysmal.

Kevin McHale

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My father-in-law, a die-hard Boston Celtics fan seemingly from birth, was skeptical of the McHale hiring, which was hard to believe considering his allegiances. And, for the most part, McHale has been a solid coach. But this playoff series has left anyone watching to question if he is the right guy for this job. For two straight games, he allowed LaMarcus Aldridge to steamroll the team with no defensive adjustments at all. His play-calling in crunch time is more than suspect -- unless you consider "give it to Harden and clear out" your best option. Most important, it doesn't really seem like the team has adjusted to much of anything throughout the series. McHale has obviously been outcoached and it does not bode well for his future with the organization.

Jeremy Lin

Photo by Brian Austin

Everyone's favorite whipping boy probably gets more blame than he deserves thanks to the fact that he is perhaps the most hyped backup guard in league history. He is like the Asian basketball version of Tim Tebow. And as badly as Lin has played at times -- the boneheaded turnover at the end of regulation in game four, which essentially cost the Rockets the game, is one of a handful of most significant plays in this series -- he is, was and probably will continue to be a mediocre point guard. Anyone who understands basketball knows this, Linsanity notwithstanding. It's why he has no business being in there with the game on the line.

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