Pet Products for the Rich and Insane

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Amish Made Corner Cat Litterbox Cabinet

When it comes to housing and concealing our cat's feces, only the Amish will do. ($229)

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Versace Style Luxury Dog Bed

Groundbreaking fashion designer Gianni Versace may have been gunned down by a rampaging lunatic in 1997, but his peerless vision lives on, most notably in this $1,000 wooden box where your dog can lick his crotch in style. Highlight: "Side and back bumpers have lush black faux fur with gold sateen fabric. Back bumped is trimmed with tassels in gold and black."

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Couture Paisley Armoire

Posh Puppy Boutique tells us that "all architectural details are drenched in Swarovski Crystals and pearls and embellished with semi-precious druzy gemstones." Translated into money, that comes to $5,390. You can also drop a few more bucks on satin padded hangers ($6), or, if you're not a complete ogre, pearl bead hangers ($22).

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