Overly Sensitive Howard Stern Calls Jeff Van Gundy a "Douche Bag"

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NBA front row, land of the rich and powerful. Stern should take notes from Jack, there are rules to this.
Anybody who has watched Jeff Van Gundy broadcast an NBA game knows that over-the-top, borderline overreaction to certain ancillary aspects of the game (maybe a minor rules interpretation or the antics of a mascot) are part of his "gimmick," if you will.

If Jeff Van Gundy were a heel WWE manager, part of his methodology of getting under your skin would be to impose his version of common sense on the viewing audience. It's what he does, and anyone who's watched it enough or has talked to Jeff Van Gundy in person knows that a big part of it is "just him having a little bit of fun."

Well, clearly, Howard Stern doesn't see the humor in Van Gundy's opinions, specifically his views on the unwritten rules of having a front row seat at an NBA game.

In case you missed it, at last Wednesday's Nets-Knicks game in Madison Square Garden, a game which ended in a 110-81 Brooklyn loss, Stern had a front row seat for the portion of the game that he stayed for.

And that's the key phrase in this beef....the portion of the game that he stayed for.
Howard Stern does not keep bankers' hours. He's up very, very early to do his show, meet with sponsors, meet with people internally at Sirius XM. In short, being Howard Stern is pretty damn time consuming. Squeezing in a weeknight NBA game is not a normal occurrence. So not surprisingly, when this game was well on its way to being decided in the third quarter, Stern bailed and went home.

Van Gundy noticed this, and in his typical Van Gundian fashion, used Stern's early departure as a launching point for his opinion on front row seats and what he believes is the inherent obligation to remain for the entire game. Somehow, this got back to Stern (and by "somehow," I mean "Van Gundy was probably ratted out by 100,000 people on Twitter within about eight seconds") and Howard went off....

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Let's not forget that Stern stole his entire schtick from the Great Steven's & Pruett, who were doing it at least a decade before him.


You give Van Gundy far more credit for his current gig than is warranted. Stern's schtick is just that.  Tie.


Howard apologized after mocking Selena's death, so I think he ought to remember what can happen...

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