#Lunchmovement: Texas Teen Wages War Against Michelle Obama's Diabolical Healthy School Lunch Program

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Screenshot from @T_Wilss
If you think this is bad, you should see fucking "breakfast" and fucking "dinner."
Ty Caskey, a student at Venus High School, about 30 miles south of Arlington, is one of many high schoolers around the country Tweeting their outrage over, um, "grotesque" school lunches.

As head of his school's Turning Point USA chapter, the 19-year-old Caskey is urging his peers to tweet pics of apparently gross food (and such small portions!) that is the result of First Lady Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act.

In a brief manifesto, Caskey asks us to posit "living in an America where everything is controlled and regulated by a government," and then expresses solidarity for his downtrodden brethren by pointing out that the "Federal Government can control what your child eats if you do not have the money for their own lunch [sic]. Now they starve even more because the reduced portion size and the grotesque look of the food served."

Caskey urges his fed up (get it?) brothers and sisters to share pics of the apparently disgusting glop dished out at the cafeteria on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in order that their voices be heard. "Choose Liberty and not Tyranny," Caskey urges, showing his fondness for capitalizing common nouns.

Many kids have jumped on the chance to rage against the vending machine:

"Lol the lunch lady wouldn't even put cheese on my spaghetti. I'm glad the school can feed us. Fuck you Michelle Obama--" tweets @madison_bijold.

And @admqueen_ writes "Imma send Michelle Obama a letter about school lunch. That lunch is disrespectful."

There's nothing worse than disrespectful foodstuffs, especially when the 15-year-olds forced to eat the food didn't even elect Michelle Obama! After all, Caskey asks, "Why should we be told how to do something by someone we never elected?"

Although the answer to that is simple ("because") Caskey and the rest of Turning Point USA raise a valid point: they don't have a problem with the "federal government" feeding people for free -- they just think the recipients of free food should be able to pick the menu. Apparently, the alternative to accepting free food that does not meet your palate's strict standards is not bringing your own fucking lunch, it's complaining that the government isn't giving you any chicken tenders.

While we have a problem with the paucity of logic, we applaud the passion. After all, we too demand liberty, and we want it now. With fries.

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I am familiar with the new dietary regulations for a healthy lunch and the new serving sizes guidelines.  The food shown there would not be a complete lunch.  The new standards have a calorie MINIMUM as well as a calorie maximum, so unless a student refuses most of the food offered (there should have been at least two other fruit or veg choices besides the tomatoes)  he or she should not be hungry.    I wonder if the picture shown is actually a typical lunch for Venus ISD.  I also wonder if the cafeteria is having its budget siphoned away for other items in the school, not related to student nutrition?   Of course, I also wonder why a nineteen year old is still in high school. 


Rather than make "snarky" comments regarding a high school student's attempts to get involved in our broken system, why don't you hear what he's trying to say rather than criticize his delivery? As far as the language goes, I do not see much difference in theirs and that of many "reputable" adults. When you have young people stepping up to become involved, while adults are so disenchanted they are becoming apathetic, you don't attack their efforts. You work to support, to educate, and to lead them. I know these young people personally. I'm proud of what they are doing. While I can't say I agree with all their methods, I do applaud Caskey for learning all he has, organizing a movement, and getting involved.


Having taught in Venus, I have a pretty firm grasp on what these kids are dealing with on a daily basis. 

Rather than striving to remember what homework they have due the next day, their heads are filled with the stress of possibly not having electricity at home, or their parent being missing for days at a time, leaving them to take care of their siblings, or when they will be able to do laundry again.

These free "lunches" are sometimes the only meal these students get in a day, and yes, while complaining about what the food tastes like might be petty, what Mrs. Obama has advocated for when it comes to these lunches does not match what they are receiving. 

Even from the photo used to headline this article, it looks as though they've been served cheesy bread with just three grape tomatoes and milk. No one can argue that this is substantial enough for a high school student.

I would ask the writer to reconsider his angle when critiquing the efforts of high school students that are constantly in the throes of survival. I understand that the patronizing tone makes the writing seem more entertaining, but here it seems analogous to Lebron James peacocking about after winning a one-on-one against a nine-year-old.

From an entirely apolitical standpoint, I wish these students the best of luck in getting their voices heard, and I commend them for their efforts and their passionate study of the federal government with this project.


LOL...100% agreement with you there Craig!


@Sockmonkey My school isn't important. We have one vegetable/fruit choice together. But getting back to the first sentence, when children all over the nation come together and can agree, then there's concern. My main concern is that someone can come in and dictate lives. If you could live on minimum (which for the most part, is the only meal most Venus kids receive) then by all means, stop a hypocritical approach and eat it with us. I'm also 19 because my mother died and my father, who was an alcoholic, left. It's all a bit complicated, and I don't expect you to understand or attempt to.


@smoothrhetoric  Actually, I believe I was criticizing the content of his (and his peers') message, as well as the delivery. The content falls short of the mark, and is actually inherently contradictory -- the federal government needs to stay out of people's lives.....except when it shouldn't. And that line is apparently drawn at the school cafeteria.

But I absolutely agree with your point about working to "support, to educate, and to lead them." I hope their parents and teachers continue to do that, because that is their job. And yes, I do realize that if Twitter (or even electricity) were around when I was their age, I'd probably have shot off some half-baked thoughts as well. 


@craig.malisow @smoothrhetoric I would not see how my remarks are contradictory. I think students should pay according to their socio-economic status. I do not, however, think everyone should pay a flat rate of $2.50, especially here at Venus High School (considering most students are extremely poor). The line isn't drawn at my school, when in fact Niskayuna School District refused Federal lunches, and since regulations are tied together, they lost $150,000 in their district for refusing to eat the food. My point is pretty on the mark. I had a message. "No more, Mrs. Obama". That's pretty clear.



Are you saying that no student in Venus is receiving free or reduced lunches, no matter how poor? A family of four with income under $30k/year qualifies for free lunch. The school is reimbursed $2.93 from the federal government per free meal. (Schools only received $2.72 before the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.) Why isn't Venus taking advantage of that program?

 I'm not sure how the meals you show could be legal under the current law. Students must be offered both fruits and vegetables at lunch every day of the week. I know other high schools serve more food than shown in your photos.

If that is all you are served, then Venus is violating the Hunger-Free Kids Act. Force them to give you all of the food Michelle Obama promised you.

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