Game Show Follies: An Epic Wheel of Fortune Fail (VIDEO)

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Photo by Joe Goldberg
It wasn't college week on "Wheel," but you almost couldn't tell.
Let the record reflect that I am completely on board with the proliferation of game-show screwups on the Internet.

Overall, does the explosive distribution of these gaffes within ten seconds of their occurrence foster a detrimental subset of bullying, whereby we all cyber-stand there and point at the dimwitted culprits and laugh at them like Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons?

Of course it does.

But with every potential reward there is risk, and if you want a shot at a trip to Cabo and 20 grand in cash and other prizes by playing a glorified game of Hangman, then expect to be ridiculed when you mess it up. That's the trade-off. Sorry, i don't make the rules.

So let's go to our latest installment of Game Show Follies (a Pendergast production) and hit the set of Wheel of Fortune. The complete lack of baggy sweatshirts tells us that this is apparently a regular episode of Wheel, not a college week episode. So these are actual adults who function in society.

The puzzle category is "What Are You Doing?" (Wheel's ultra-cute way of saying "and action") and the puzzle is practically complete, with only a two-letter word and one minor letter remaining.

Or is it minor? Let's take a look...

The contestant's name, by the way, is apparently Rachel Brill. A quick mini Zapruder of this fiasco:

0:05 -- Rachel wins the second half of a car for which she does not own the first half. Nothing more useless than half a car. She correctly guesses "M" and now is ready to solve the puzzle. Rachel's not going to get greedy.

0:13 -- Underrated moment of this video, hands down, is Pat Sajak's condescending, high-pitched "okay" when Rachel requests to solve the puzzle. He should do this more often. Pat Sajak turning heel would freshen up his TV character immensely.

0:14 -- Okay, Rachel, let's do this. This one is a tap in for's "BOOKING MY SHORE EXCURSION"...let's get this over with...

0:14.3 -- Or is it a tap in?

0:14.5 -- Sometimes these puzzle responses are a window into somebody's soul...

0:14.7 -- ...where demons are exposed...

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