Five Things That Make Houston More Country Than You Think

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2. Roughneck culture

If you consider that one of the definitive movies about cowboy culture and music (starring the 1980s John Travolta, not the one we know now), was based and shot around Houston, then our country propers are better established. This is probably one of the main stops if you want to work as a roughneck.

Photo by Roger Wollstadt
1. Oil Industry

What's more country than oil? Drilling for it and getting rich off of it? This is the home of oil and energy. Now, if building a city off black gold isn't country enough for you, we don't know what is.

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Chris Conaton
Chris Conaton

This is a terrible list of country-related things in Houston. Especially grills.


Grills??? Did you say grils...


I think you're confused. The kind of grills that are country don't go in your mouth.

Tina Marie
Tina Marie

I seriously wish we could STOP being associated in any way, shape or form with Willie Nelson!

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