Five Things That Make Houston More Country Than You Think

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Houston defines country. Please.
The most country city in America, according to is Fort Worth. Okay, we'll buy that, but Houston at No. 16? Preposterous.

We fell into the "somewhat country" category, a couple of notches above Austin and way below San Antonio, which came in at No. 2. But we're not going to let this faze our country-ness, because we know we belong in the top three at the very least. Besides, had some bunk methodology. This is how they established their rankings:

We took the 50 most populated cities and ranked them from 1-50 based on the percentage of Facebook users listing these ten topics as interests: country music, fishing, hunting, NASCAR, firearms, barbecue, cowboy boots, pickup trucks, rodeos, and sweet tea.

Sweet tea, of course. We might not have NASCAR, but we have NASA, you know, that place that trained all those space cowboys? We also have other things that made us more country than places like Colorado Springs, El Paso and Virginia Beach.

Photo by Bradley G.
5. Grills
Sure, any corner store jeweler in the country can fit you for some gold in your mouth. But Houston has its own cottage industry that really took off across popular culture. This is a staple of urban cool, and there's entrepreneurs building little empires around sticking gaudy jewels into your mouth.

Photo by Marco Torres
4. Tejano culture

The heyday of the local music scene isn't what it once was, but if Go Tejano Day at this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was any indication, this it the place for Tejanos to come together in the spring. The event sold more than 75,000 tickets and was one of the biggest draws for the entire rodeo. Which brings us to one of the most country events on the planet...

Photo by Nicholas Zalud
3. Rodeo

This event just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's a national draw for serious rodeo fans and participants, all right here in Houston.

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Chris Conaton
Chris Conaton

This is a terrible list of country-related things in Houston. Especially grills.


Grills??? Did you say grils...


I think you're confused. The kind of grills that are country don't go in your mouth.

Tina Marie
Tina Marie

I seriously wish we could STOP being associated in any way, shape or form with Willie Nelson!

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