Survey: Houston's Best Porn Search Terms Include 'Massage,' 'Lesbian,' 'Teen,' 'Ebony'

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This is about as risque as it gets.
Earlier this month, the research and analysis team over at looked into the online porn-viewing habits of red states and blue states. Our state's porn-lovin' habits ranked us fourth among other red states at 139 page views per capita (9.33 pages viewed each of those visits). That put us behind Arizona with its 140 page views and well beneath Kansas, which loves its porn at 194 page views.

But that wasn't telling us enough about local porn-viewing habits, so we dug a little deeper into Pornhub's SFW analytics blog and found their list of Houston's favorite search terms published last month. Truth be told, we were expecting something a little more exciting.

Lustful list of searches.'s Insights blog, which partners with more reputable sources for news such as and Buzzfeed, revealed last month that the most searched term in Houston is "massage."

"We were definitely surprised to find that 'massage' is the most popular search term, landing in the top five in 22 of the 24 cities we looked at," according to an article on that used Pornhub's data. "Moreover, it took the top spot in 11 cities."

Neither site went on to explain the phenomenon, but we're thinking it's either some strange fetish that we can't bother to search for right now ---- lest we set off multiple red flags in our IT department (sure, it's for research) ---- or it's secret code to find listings for massage places that offer happy endings.

Rounding out Houston's lustful search terms, in order of popularity, were "lesbian," "Asian," "teen" and "ebony." Our city's most often searched-for porn star is Lisa Ann, allegedly the most popular porn actress in the world, and best known for her role in Who's Nailin' Paylin?

And we're not far from the trends nationwide. According to Pornhub, the most searched terms in the country are "lesbian," "college," "teen," "milf," "mom" and "pov." In Austin, "pov" ranked second (for those who don't know what that means, think: Point of View). No other Texas cities were included in the list.

In a previous look at their data, Pornhub showed that statewide, Texans were likely searching for the term "teen," and spent an average of about 11 minutes on the site, ranking the state 15th in the country for length of time viewing smut.

Lastly, Texas ranked tenth out of the states that don't recognize marriage equality where gay porn was being viewed. According to the website, 4.5 percent of porn viewers are watching gay action here.

We just hope that no matter what the porn appetite, all that viewing is either educating someone, making for a stimulating date night or helping to keep someone's sexless marriage together; otherwise it might just be a waste of your bandwidth.

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It's true.. also on my site I see this trend..

If you like you can check it, but please leave some feedback ;-)

Houston Haynes
Houston Haynes

Adam Clanton,you started something with Lisa Ann. #PGS

Mark Dynamo Matsusaki
Mark Dynamo Matsusaki

Duh... Google 'Houston Thai Massage' vs 'Dallas Thai Massage' there are 600k more results for Houston. When you can't afford a IRL happy ending, get online...


Ah, massage. Guess I don't have to worry so much about my teenager's overly-long, overly-frequent bathroom visits. He's just learning about millenia old relaxation techniques

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