Downtown YMCA Patrons Got Rude Morning Awakening With No Hot Water

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Photo by Brittanie Shey
Morning workouts and cold showers don't mix.
As much as we hate the term, this is definitely a "first-world problem."

According to the front-desk receptionist, the hot water at Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA was out for several hours this morning.

By 8:45 a.m. the problem was resolved. No doubt all those executives who make the location part of their morning routine got a rude awakening.

We just hope they sucked it up and showered in the cold, since walking into an office with your morning workout sweat is far from kosher.

The problem was reportedly caused by a malfunctioning boiler, according to one person at the front desk. The hot water to the showers was out for a couple of hours.

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