Six Cool Things With Cross-Cultural Appeal That You Can Find at Fiesta Mart

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Camilo Smith
Bright lights, big city.
Fiesta Mart is an amalgam of Houston culture, offering foods for most of the ethnic people you find in the city. It's also the grocery store for those living in and around rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, and a place designed to meet the needs of modern Houstonians, or so we'd like to think.

Call it one-stop shopping that's not putting more money into the Walton's bank accounts.

For those of you who don't know and maybe don't want to know what the inside of a Fiesta looks like, you don't know what you're missing. It's a cross-cultural experience that in some ways is unmatched on the local grocery store scene. Not that there's really a scene, but you know, how edgy is hitting up the HEB and Whole Foods, really?

To show the awesome multi-culti experience you get inside a Fiesta Mart, here's a look at six awesome things we found in our neighborhood store.

6) ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons' Guacamole Ads

A son of Houston and a great rock musician. Step into a Fiesta and you'll see his face encouraging people to load up on avocados--we saw banners swinging from above the produce section--and other ingredients so they can make his signature guacamole.

5) New Age Beverages


Expensive bottled water is everywhere, but the fact that non-cola options are called "New Age" here just says it all. Still, with choices for hydration so plentiful, who doesn't like to know exactly where to find fancy water?

4) Dickies


Not sure if all the stores carry this utilitarian brand, but the one Downtown does. If you want to prove you're no label whore, but can still look good, throw on a pair of Dickies. They're so versatile, they be part of the gangster look if you rock them too loose and crease them up, though.

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Rick McDowell
Rick McDowell

Fiesta rocks. Since I moved to Houston, I've managed to cut Wal-Mart out of my life completely, thanks to Fiesta and HEB.


You can also find expired food at the Quitman and Patton stores. They take the fresh stuff to their other locations and leave us with the crap that you have to cook within 24 hours or it goes bad. 


"Don't know what the inside of a Fiesta looks like???"

Where are you from, dude?

del.martinis topcommenter

Love Fiesta, even though Kroger is often cheaper, the produce is the best and least expensive in the city. Especially love their fish market!


@I_Miss_Fiesta  It's not where you're from, it's where you're at. I've met folks who turn their nose at Fiesta, like they don't like buying rock t-shirts there or something.

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