We Know Texas Has the Best State Flag, But this List Says Otherwise

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Our state's flag is bigger and bolder than most. If you ask any Texan they'll agree the Lone Star state's colors represent thoroughly for who we are in America. There aren't many states that can claim that, and you know it doesn't even matter that some South Americans mistake our state flag for that of an entire country's, Chile.

With all that, we're glad we made the top 10 of a Ranker list of the best state flags. Number seven out of 50 ain't bad, but what does it take to be number one? (Maybe a few late votes after you read this post, hmmm?) Here's a look at those state flags who bested us (allegedly) and what we really think about them. Are they really better?

Number 7: Texas


You see the Lone Star flying bold and proud everywhere you go around here. It's a statement about who we are and what we aspire to as Texans. Plus, the design is so versatile and it makes a great bikini or purse. And who could fault that we're like a better version of that busy looking U.S. flag.

Number 6: Colorado


A Cubs fan was behind this flag, we think. But that doesn't matter because what would make this flag better and make it deserving of being better than us is if the C was green and had the jagged edges of a cannabis leaf. I mean: ground breaking.

Number 5: South Carolina


This one is so hard to place. Like, if this was a game show, and you said, "Name this state flag," we'd be inclined to yell out something in Arabic. I know it's from the south, but it looks from the Middle East. Which is cool and all, like a bunch of Hallal chickens in heat atop a palm tree with the crescent moon beaming down on them. We dig it, it's just not better than ours.

Number 4: Alaska


That's the Big Dipper (or is it the Little Dipper?) ready to catch the North Star, right? We're not sure, since we're not astronomers. Where was the design aesthetic in this piece? It's like a page from a kids bedtime story book. Alaska has those cool northern lights and those oil pipes, and Eskimos. Do we need to go on? According to wikipedia this flag was designed by a 13-year-old kid who was in the 7th grade. Damn.

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KD Davis
KD Davis

This list is on some ole bull.

RoosterMcGee topcommenter

South Carolina's flag is a palmetto tree, not a palm tree, and I'm pretty sure the majority of the country could pick it out.  Besdies TX, and California it is the best in my opinion...

Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

The Maryland one give me a headache.

RoosterMcGee topcommenter

@RoasterAlaGhee @RoosterMcGee ....um, really?!?!  Please tell me you're joking!  That flag has looked like that since the Civil War!  It had the crescent moon (or what they call in SC a Carolina moon) with the blue background since before we were a country in 1775!  Do some research before making yourself look stupid!  If one state in the country was going to do something like your describing SC would be the last on the list. 

johnnybench topcommenter

@RoosterMcGee @RoasterAlaGhee  "If one state in the country was going to do something like your describing SC would be the last on the list."  You found the joke, and then let it go right by you.  

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