Yes, the Astros Are Bad and Not Getting Any Better

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Maybe the Astros should talk to this guy about managing the club.
And while it's still possible to have faith in Jeff Luhnow and the front office -- look at the job they've done with rebuilding the worst farm system in baseball -- having faith in Bo Porter is becoming a bit more difficult to keep. He's supposedly great in working with the kids and holding them accountable for misdeeds. But he generally appears to be a short-tempered tyrant more prone to lashing out at player mistakes while somehow escaping any blame for any problems with the team (and his blow-up at the A's' Jed Lowrie for bunting against the shift on Friday was an outright embarrassment).

There's no way the Astros could ever get Joe Maddon away from the Rays, but there's got to be somebody else out there with managing experience who would be able to handle what the Astros require. Someone who can work with youngsters, help them keep improving, and who not only knows how to work with advanced stats and theories but has a record of implementing such practices. Such a person does exist, has worked with young kids on rebuilding teams and has worked in close collaboration with innovative front offices. And this person lives in Houston and currently works for that little cable network that most of the viewing region doesn't get. The perfect manager for a young, rebuilding Astros exists in the name of Art Howe.

It's doubtful any change in manager will be made this season, though the lack of improvement of the players on the big league roster is worrisome with guys in the minors supposedly easy to move up to the big leagues. But maybe Bo Porter's temper tantrums are just the perfect things to distract attention from the pitiful team that trots out on the field game after game after game.

Maybe the team gets better. There's no reason for it to be this bad, to stay this bad. And maybe more young kids will come up from the majors, and maybe Bo Porter will start acting like a grown-up and maybe Chris Carter will stop striking out every at bat and maybe the bullpen won't implode every game. But until that happens, just forget about the Houston Astros. Out of sight, out of mind, and all of that nonsense.

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So when will Crane start screaming he's going to move team or else?


Astros fun facts: They started 5 players hitting below .200 yesterday, and their #2 and #3 hitters are at .207 and .204.

They project to tie or beat the worst run differential since 1900 (-349).  

This could not only be the worst Astro team of all time, it could be the worst MLB team of all time. I guess under 55 wins at this point.

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