Yes, the Astros Are Bad and Not Getting Any Better

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It's a lot of the same for the Astros so far this season. Losing.
The Astros have only played 19 games, leaving 143 more to go. It's too early to write off the season. But the team's 5-14 and has lost seven straight games, been swept in the past two series, and has just won three of its last ten games. And while it's still early, it does need to be noted that, at this point last season, 19 games and three weeks into the season, the Astros were also 5-14.

Management has assured everybody that this team is better than the atrocity the Astros trotted out last season. The players also say the same thing. The historically bad bullpen from last season was jettisoned. There's a supposedly legit major leaguer playing centerfield. Super-stud George Springer has finally been promoted to the big squad.

All of that said, knowing how early it is in the season, it's painfully obvious that this club is once again in the running to earn the No. 1 draft choice. The team's on pace to once again lose over 100 games. Thankfully the CSN Houston ordeal has not been resolved or the travesty of the Houston Astros would be visible to the entire city.

I advocated blowing up the Astros and starting over from scratch, building up the farm system, setting the team up to be another version of the Tampa Bay Rays, a low-budget team built by very smart guys relying on advanced stats. And this Astros team has been blown up, and it's been blown up real good. The masterminds have supposedly drafted smartly. The minor league system is supposedly the best in baseball. But at some point, there needs to be some sign of progress made on the major league level.

The fans are, after all, still being asked to pay major league prices to see Chris Carter strike out at bat after at bat. Jon Singleton's killing the ball in the minors, while the fans in Houston are stuck watching Jesus Guzman with his .194/.237/.389 slash line flail away at first base. The team's seen fit to bat Jose Altuve cleanup multiple times and wants people to watch Marc Krauss play the outfield. It's a bad product that gives absolutely no reason for anybody to watch and which is even beginning to alienate the hardcore fans.

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So when will Crane start screaming he's going to move team or else?


Astros fun facts: They started 5 players hitting below .200 yesterday, and their #2 and #3 hitters are at .207 and .204.

They project to tie or beat the worst run differential since 1900 (-349).  

This could not only be the worst Astro team of all time, it could be the worst MLB team of all time. I guess under 55 wins at this point.

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