Adventures in Gambling: Yes, People Lost Money Betting on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30

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Lesnar pinned the Undertaker, which silenced the room in the bar where I was watching the event, sucked every bit of air out of the live crowd in the Superdome, and began the clock ticking on this guy's 15 minutes of fame:

It also emptied several bettors bank accounts, including one bettor who became a prominent Twitter punching bag for the evening:

For a variety of reasons, the betting community probably thought they were bulletproof on the Undertaker wager. For one, all indicators from insiders were that Taker was "going over" (wrestling speak for "winning"). Secondly, if Taker were going to lose at Wrestlemania, it would (SHOULD) be to a younger star that is looking for one more nudge up the Hall of Fame ladder (like C.M. Punk last year), not a guy who wrestles a handful of times a year like Lesnar. Third, um, how do I say this....HE'D NEVER LOST AT WRESTLEMANIA BEFORE!!!

Sometimes, the rationale is that simple, and on Sunday, that deadly.

All good things must come to an end. However, one of those things will NOT be the thirst of bettors to wager on the inane, like scripted matches. Just after Wrestlemania was over, the odds for whether or not Undertaker would wrestle again next year were posted:

And on and on we go.....

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