Right-Wing Valentine to Vlad

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Valdimir Putin might be the "great white hope" for conservatives.
The Conservatives recent love affair with Russia's Vladimir Putin is a mysterious contagion from a fever swamp; an odd combination of My Funny Valentine and Jungle Fever, rebranded as To Russia, With Love. It's an odd reversal of the McCarthy era, sixty years later.

Sarah Palin seems deeply enamored as she oozed on Fox, "People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates."

Add Rudy Giuliani to Putin's fan club too: "In contrast to Obama, Putin is what you call a leader."

Franklin Graham, son of respected pastor, Billy Graham, has a declaration of love for him also. He praises Putin and says he wishes our president was more like him.

On and on, Breitbart gushing over Putin's "traditional values". Fox News producer Jack Hanick injected God into the Putin-love also; saying that God called on Russia to stand up for traditional values. Fox News' Ralph Peters gushed with praise for Russia who has a "real leader".

According to the World Congress of Families, Putin doesn't threaten our national security but Obama does.

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer and right-wing pastor Scott Lively hailed Putin as a hero and a positive thing for the whole world, because he was going back to the Tsarist model when the church was strong and the people had Christian values.

No one has a stronger man-crush on Putin than Pat Buchanan. He's defended him for his staunch anti-gay policies, his balanced budget policies, and his hardline on terrorism by stating, "Could he be one of us?" I expect some love poetry to emerge very soon.

This is a complete about-face from the GOP's past attitude toward Russia. Wasn't it Ronald Reagan who called Russia, the black heart of the evil empire? Wasn't it Romney that said that Russia was America's most serious geopolitical threat? And yet, members of the Grand Old Party are celebrating a love-fest for Vlad.

For them, Putin represents the great white hope.

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Wait, Vlad is only 5'5"?! In the original ad on Russian Love Affairs, he said he was tall, and in all his emails since then, I thought he was tall. This changes everything. I wonder if it's too late to get my money back. Perhaps I could go on a talk show and warn others he may have scammed -- how much do those shows pay, anyway?


I think it's less of a love affair with Putin than the fact that he really is a strong leader. He's scary as hell, but a very strong leader. Those sentiments are echoed abroad as well. It is the exact opposite with our president who is seen at home and very much so abroad as extremely weak. I also fee that the right wing hates our president so much that they would rather say nicer things about Putin than him.

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