Definitive Video Anthology of the Donald Sterling Situation

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Donald Sterling is a miserable human being.

I don't think I'm breaking any new news with that statement about the Los Angeles Clippers' longtime, largely inept, and very rich owner. Yes, it is technically my opinion, but it is an opinion widely shared around the NBA, and I'm certain it's shared by the hundreds of people directly and indirectly affected by Sterling's questionable and callous business practices, which include (but are not limited to) discrimination against potential minority tenants at his residential properties.

In the past, Sterling has settled multiple lawsuits against him for discriminatory rental and employment practices, so when it comes to past accusations of racism, Sterling has hardly shouted from the proverbial rooftops in denial. He's just bought his way out of the nuisances caused by his racism.

All the while, the NBA stood by and watched, allowing Sterling's Clippers to make money hand over fist, despite Sterling's warped views on the world. Finally, though, Sterling's string as an NBA owner may be running out.

It took two things for the perpetual dumpster fire that is the reign of Sterling to turn into a full on inferno this weekend:

1. Sterling's racist comments saw the light of day outside of a court room, raw and unedited (it appears, at least), when a girlfriend of Sterling's (referred to as "V. Stiviano") appears to have recorded a fifteen minute conversation with the Clippers' owner, and that conversation somehow found its way into the hands of TMZ and Deadspin.

2. The object of Sterling's hateful views was no longer faceless, poor minority families. It was, among others, Magic Johnson, a respected and revered African-American billionaire and NBA legend.

The confluence of these two circumstances was the green light for people around the NBA -- players, former players, commentators, even the President of the United States -- to finally say what they've already known all of these years, but passively allowed to fester: Donald Sterling is a bigot, in every sense of the word, and shouldn't own an NBA team.

In case you missed it, here are the recordings of Sterling's comments, in two separate files:

So, the summary goes like this: Sterling doesn't like his mixed race girlfriend bringing black people to Clippers games, or posing in pictures on her Instagram with black people (including Magic Johnson), all in the name of some nebulous "culture" which Sterling leans upon to justify his racist views.

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