Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Damage Your Life and How to Stop It

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Problem: Distraction.

Recent studies suggest we look at our phones an average of 110 times per day or about 10 times per hour. Not only is this remarkable considering the iPhone didn't exist 10 years ago but it's borderline crazy. I can't think of a technology that has ever existed that we purposefully checked 110 times every day. Even the watch or clock, at best, gets looked at a couple times per hour, but nothing like this. The only solution here is to put the phone down and walk away. The more you look, the less time you have for friends, family and other pursuits. Sometimes, unplugging is the only option.

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Problem: Potential long-term disability from holding it near your head.

Some studies have suggested that the electronics in phones and even the radio waves they utilize can be harmful over a long period of time to brain cells because the phone is held close to the brain when talking. While there is no real proof of this, the better safe than sorry approach is probably warranted. The simple fix is to go with earbuds or a bluetooth headset. They are so commonplace now, I often find myself wondering why a person is walking through the grocery store talking to herself only to realize she is on the phone.

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Problem: Car accidents.

In November, my truck was totaled by a girl who ran a red light because she was looking at her phone. She never even applied her brakes. Everyone involved was lucky to walk away with no serious injuries. There really is no excuse for using the smart part of your smart phone while driving. If you must access e-mail or, God help you, Twitter or Facebook on your drive, pull the hell over and save a life -- especially mine. And if you are going to talk on the phone, go hands free or don't talk. Keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel wasn't just good advice when Jim Morrison sung it.

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Here in Georgia it is against the law to text and drive.


The smart phone calls to us like the siren song of ancient greek mythology.

"Just a quick look."

"I'll just type OK to answer their question"

"Who is texting me now?"

REMEMBER it only takes a minute to TAKE a life when you are driving.

Abusing a smart phone while driving can ruin your life and take someone elses.

Please don't text and drive whether it is legal in your state or not.

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