Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Damage Your Life and How to Stop It

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Good advice.
For all the advancements technology provides and all the convenience it affords us, there are risks associated with it that often catch us off guard. Who knew that the advent of the home computer would lead both to infinite discovery and obesity? It is the blessing and curse of any tool that it can be used for good and harm. That is why in this world of near constant tech connection we learn how to protect ourselves.

Frequently, the simple answer is to unplug.

All things in moderation as the saying goes. But there are times when we all must remain chained to our phones, for business or personal needs. In those times, you can end up creating some serious problems for yourself, but that isn't technology's fault. It's yours. Here are five ways to stop it.

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Problem: Eye fatigue.

We all get tired looking at tiny things on a bright screen. Ideally, everything we would read would be in large type black on a soft, off-white background, but that isn't the way things are. So, staring at your phone for long periods of time isn't great for your eyes. The obvious way to avoid this is to simply stop looking. One recommended method is called 20/20/20. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Another option is to move to a larger screen, preferably a larger computer monitor. You can even increase the size of what you are reading to help, something you can't do on a phone.

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Problem: Notification stress.

Years ago I had a Blackberry. It was one of those weirdly-shaped gray things with a black and white screen and a keypad. It drove me insane because there was no way to stop e-mail notifications. Either it beeped or a little red light flashed over and over and over, until I checked it. The great thing about today's modern smart phones is you have the power to control notifications. If you don't want to know when an e-mail comes in -- or even a text message or phone call -- you can adjust your settings to whatever you want. This allows you to control when you look at your phone and what you look at instead of being prompted by an inanimate object.

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Here in Georgia it is against the law to text and drive.


The smart phone calls to us like the siren song of ancient greek mythology.

"Just a quick look."

"I'll just type OK to answer their question"

"Who is texting me now?"

REMEMBER it only takes a minute to TAKE a life when you are driving.

Abusing a smart phone while driving can ruin your life and take someone elses.

Please don't text and drive whether it is legal in your state or not.

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