Five Reasons the Rockets Will Win the Portland Series Even After Losing Game 1

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LaMarcus Aldridge isn't super-human.

Aldridge is a terribly good player and one of the most underrated power forwards in the NBA, but he is not this good. KILT 610's morning show co-host Nick Wright pointed out Monday morning that if Aldridge were to go for 20 points and 24 rebounds in game two, it would move his averages in five games against the Rockets this year to 30 points and 20 rebounds. During the game on Sunday, Matt Bullard pointed out that only three people had ever scored 46 points and had 18 rebounds in a playoff game -- Aldridge, Dwight Howard and Hakeem Olajuwon. With all due respect to Aldridge, he is very, very good, but those numbers put him among the all-time greats, something he is not.

Patrick Beverley is okay.

Portland point guard Damian Lillard had a decent night Sunday, but when Beverley left the court with an injury (after fouling out), he went haywire, practically running Jeremy Lin off the floor. Had Beverley's injury been more serious -- MRIs found no new damage to the right knee he injured earlier in the season that caused him to miss eight games down the stretch -- it would have made it extremely difficult to contain Lillard, something the Rockets can barely do as it is.

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McHale has been getting slammed in some circles.  Guess Les Alexander might be making a change after the season.


Personally, it looked like the Twin Towers were actually working pretty well at containing LMA, until foul trouble happened on Asik and Howard.


I have a problem with your point about LaMarcus Aldridge's ability. This year has been his best year and he's been in the MVP running (top 5) all season, quietly amassing points and rebounds while Durant and Lebron do their thing in the spotlight. He's a consistent force for the Trailblazers and has been a thorn in Houston's side for quite some time. The 46/18 game was just an excellent game by a great player. For all of his energy, Terrance Jones was called a "human chair" by either Shaq or Barkley with regards to his defensive contest against Aldridge. It was no contest at all and Aldridge got off the looks that he wanted against Jones. 

I'm a Rockets fan, but also a fan of great basketball and Aldridge definitely played great basketball. 

The irony in his 46/18 was that he scored the majority of his points with jumpers in the 10 -18 ft range, a style of play unfamiliar to the Rockets and their 3 or dunk mentality.

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